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The Youth Services Unit (YSU) is a collaborative body that evaluates and develops youth service provision in accordance to the National Youth Policy.


YSU operates under the Ministry of Health, Sports, Youth & Culture (HSY&C).

Strategic Management

The Ministry of HEYS&C administering the authority's operations at the organizational level; developing business plans and corporate policy; setting long-term goals and objectives; evaluating the agency's overall performance and progress towards established targets; managing programs to improve business processes and ensure consistent service delivery; preparing or revising laws and other regulatory instruments that affect the authority's functions and responsibilities; obtaining legal advice from external sources using the laws that regulate the function of government entities.

Finance & Administration

The Ministry of HEYS&C administering the authority's internal functions and managing its resources efficiently and effectively. This includes the management of monetary resources; material resources; human resources; information resources; and relationships with clients, the public and other government

Organisation And Functions

Responsibilities & Functions Of YSU

Monitoring and Evaluation of Youth Service Providers

  • Regular visitations and recommendations
    • Monitoring visits of youth service providers that are funded partly by the Government. These visits are documented and recommendations are made for funding to continue or not
    • Advice is also given on ways to strengthen the programmes and collaborative arrangements are most times made to assist with the implementation of the NYP goals
    • Review of finances from last grant and assistance with forward planning offered

Youth Governance and Participation

  • Youth Governance & Voice
    • Organize and run the Cayman Islands Youth Assembly
    • Organize and run the selection process of National Youth Ambassadors
    • Organize and produce a youth radio talk show [YouthFlex Radio Show]
  • Youth Empowerment
    • Assist young people with Career guidance and paths
    • Assist young people with work place preparation and interview tips
    • Assist young people with desk research and projects
    • Assist young people with job placement
  • Youth Participation
    • Organize and run the Cayman Islands Youth Passport Programme

Fostering a Culture of Collaborative

  • Collaborations with Youth Service Providers
    • Schools and Churches
    • Community Based youth groups and Youth Uniformed groups
    • National Youth Policy enhancement and implementation strategy using a collaborative framework
    • Sizzling Summer Series Camps in collaboration with private sector companies, service clubs and Government departments
    • Assist with collaborative community projects and events

Laws & Regulations

The Youth Services Unit is not governed by any specific law, but its mandate is directed by the National Youth Policy, the Government Strategic Policy Statements from Cabinet and the laws and regulations that govern all Government Departments and Units.

YSU Guidelines

  • Youth Services Unit FOI Policy
  • FOI Complaints/Requests Procedure Guidelines
  • Youth Group Assistance Guidelines

Policies & Procedures

In addition to the laws and regulations listed above the following policies and procedures are used at DEH.

  • Complaints-handling procedure
  • Human Resource policies & procedures
  • Hurricane Preparedness manual
  • Youth Groups Assistance Criterion and procedures

List of Forms Used (External & Internal)

  • Application Form - Cayman Islands Youth Assembly
  • Application Forms - Cayman Islands Youth Passport Programme
  • Application Form - Youth Group Assistance
  • Application Form- YouthFlex Radio Show
  • FOI Request Form
  • FOI Complaints Form
  • Registration Form - Sizzling Summer Series Camps

List of Publications at YSU

  • The Advocate - YSU Quarterly Newsletter
  • Youth Flex Radio Show Scripts
  • Sizzling Summer Series Camps Manuals
  • Event Flyers and Programmes
  • 2000 National Youth Policy of the Cayman Islands
  • 2001 Committee of Inquiry into the Social Breakdown and Violence among youth in the Cayman Islands
  • 2005 White, Perceptions of Family of Incarcerated youth
  • 2006 Forde, Predispositions to Criminality
  • 2008 CARICOM Dreams and Aspirations Study
  • 2009 NYC, Student Concerns & Involvement Survey
  • 2009 White, Review of previous youth literature for the Cayman Islands
  • 2011 Student Leadership & Empowerment Survey
  • 2011 Revision of the National Youth Policy of the Cayman Islands
  • 2013 Young Adult Student Concerns & Involvement Survey

Evaluations & Recommendations

Evaluations by YSU staff are documented through visitation reports or recommendation based on their findings. Many of these reports or recommendations can be access by the public under the FOI law.

List of visitations and evaluations carried out by YSU

  • Faith Based Youth Groups
    • Church Youth Groups
    • Church based After-School Programmes
  • Youth Uniformed Groups
    • SDA Pathfinder Groups [Gideon & Lightbearers]
    • Cayman Islands Scouts Association
    • Cayman Islands Girls Brigade
  • Sports Groups
  • Cayman Academy Sports Club
  • Future Sports Club After School Programmes

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